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We offer highly specialized treatments

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We offer highly specialized treatments

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Beehive and Hornet Treatment

Bees sometimes make their way into homes while looking for a place to nest. The insects prefer dark and protected areas, so wall voids or chimneys often fit their needs. Any living space exposed to the outside is at risk for bee infestations. Some species that nest in wall voids fly inside the living space through baseboards, electrical outlets, and cracks in walls.

Hornets overwinter near small crevices in home siding, tree bark, and rotten logs. But, the most likely place to find their nests is on the branches of trees and large outdoor, tree-like shrubs. In late spring, they build paper nests in tree branches and underneath eaves. The insects are often attracted to scraps near outdoor eating areas.

Pest Doctor offers all-natural and safe pesticides control treatment that ensures the best results and does not have any adverse effect on health and environment. We use the most innovative and latest methods to carry out these pest control services.

Pest Doctor do not outsource any services. Our very own skilled and well-trained exterminators perform the booklice pest control to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Beehive and Hornet Treatment Services in Bangalore Includes:

  • Detailed and Systematic Inspection of your entire property
  • Identification of infested areas
  • Recognition of the hidden spots
  • Informing the customer of the intensity of the infestation
  • Covering all the non-infected areas
  • Treatment in the infected areas
  • Use of residual spray treatment
  • Elimination of strings from roots and decompose the whole risk by infestation.

Why Book Our Beehive and Hornet Treatment in Bangalore?

  • Customized treatment for infested areas
  • They’re also much more docile and are extremely beneficial to us as pollinators.
  • Look for a small hole in the ground, about the diameter of a pencil. It may have a small mound of dirt around the opening.
  • The sure sign of a nest is watched by Pest Doctor to go in and out of that hole, especially during the daytime when they are active.
  • Nests often are in the shade or in shaded areas, so check areas under trees or awnings.
  • Experienced, well-trained and fully equipped exterminators
  • Environmentally-friendly treatment and solutions
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Effective and tailor-made Beehive and Hornet Treatment solutions
  • Affordable rates along with low priced inspection charges

What is recommended in Beehive and Hornet Treatment in Bangalore?

  • Proper inspection is needed for appropriate treatment of the infestations.
  • We provide inspections at commercial offices, residentials, manufacturing units mainly. There is no inspection for smaller residential properties.
  • Proper insecticides are used to eradicate the nest by using government certified chemicals.
  • Make sure all door and window cracks are sealed
  • Inspect window screens to make sure there aren’t any holes
  • Keep garbage containers sealed and away from entrances
  • It might take up to 1 - 2 weeks for the adult and newborn bees and hornets to get affected.
  • You should not use the treated area for at least an hour.
  • Keep kids and pets away from the treated place as advised by our exterminators.
  • Our AMC services consist of a minimum of 3 to 4 treatments in the entire year to prevent new pests to nest back in your property.

What is not included in Our Booklice Pest Control Service in Bangalore?

  • Second and Third Service is not included with the first booking. Apart from AMC services you need to book it separately.
  • Second and Third Service is not included under single service post first booking. Apart from AMC services you need to book them separately.

Working Time

Service Time 30 minutes To 2 Hours
No. of Staff 1 To 2 Exterminators
Equipment Used Chemical Resistant Gloves, Gel, Sprayers, Mask
Service Warranty Period 2 Months

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