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Pest Doctor is a family owned and operated company, and has been delivering healthier lifestyles to families in Karnataka for over 15 years.

We offer a complete range of Pest Control Services and our first priority is to ensure we deliver exceptional service and value.

Our reputation has been built over many years on the principles of value, honesty, integrity, time management, well trained executives and our high rate of incessant customers and word of mouth business is testimony to this. Pest Doctor has provided the finest pest control and turf-and-ornamental care experience you will find, anywhere. Coupled with the caring and drive required to take a small operation that serves residents and commercial businesses throughout Bengaluru and pan India.

We're proud to be the largest pest control companies in Bengaluru and the biggest in the North. We love our jobs and we take our mission seriously. We offer premier customer service through highly trained, friendly technicians who are responsive and proactive.



Pest Doctor provides highly professional local and home services to residential, commercial and industrial purposes. Our skilled and well-trained professionals have the knowledge to deliver superior quality services as per the customer’s requirement. We ensure complete satisfaction by providing you with the best and experienced professionals to address your requirements.

  • Easy online booking system
  • Safe and trustworthy online transaction
  • Verified & experienced workforce
  • Reliable service at your doorstep
  • Satisfaction of the customers

Pest Doctor mission is to deliver superior quality and affordable home services at your doorstep on time. We serve every customer with a great level of integrity to effectively manage and fulfill their needs as per the requirement.

To make things convenient and simpler for the users, Pest Doctor has a robust user-friendly web application and mobile application. Our entire team always strives to effectively manage and fulfill every customer’s needs in a cost-effective and time-saving manner. If you are looking for expertise, flexibility, reliability, quality, and punctuality, then

Pest Doctor is your one-stop solution provider of all your pest control services.

  • Achieve 100% customer satisfaction
  • Provide affordable services
  • Ensure utmost convenience and safety for the customers
  • Prompt response and on-time service


Our expertise shines above all our competitors. Each of our specialists are highly trained pest experts and are up-to-date with all the latest technology they can use to control your pests. Never fear – the old days when exterminators came to your house, sprayed noxious chemicals, and prayed the pests would go away are over.

We will take time to figure out where your pests are coming from and take action to prevent the problem from spreading. Most importantly, we work hard to ensure that once we get rid of those nasty pests, they will not continue to haunt you.

If you have mice or rats, we will scour your home for the holes and entry points they’re using to invade your home. If you have cockroaches, we will use all the tools at our disposal to rid your home of these creepy crawlers, and we will even offer you tips to minimize these occurrences in your home and achieve long term success. If you have termites, we will make sure we find their colony and use appropriate measures not only to rid your house but destroy their colony as well.

We like to say we’ll only spray pesticides when necessary to protect the health of your elders, children, your pets, your home, and, of course, you. We will use every precaution in our arsenal to make sure your home or business is pest-free. You have our word on it.